What Makes Us Different?

We specialize in juice and popcorn production equipment and create comprehensive solutions for the food and beverage industries, such as citrus, pomegranate, and sugarcane juicing machines. Over the last 21 years, we have sold over 15,000 juice machines to over 7,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

About Us

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Specialists in food-processing technology - essential for your juicing business

Over 21 years of hard work and sustained business, we have a comprehensive understanding of food processing technology, allowing us to fulfill all your juicing needs. Only high-quality, efficient, and long-lasting juice squeezing equipment can guarantee remarkable results. JuiceIndia, a production equipment specialist, is constantly expanding its R&D capability with the sole purpose of providing you with new solutions to reflect changing market needs while advancing and further developing its standard product line which includes processing lines made from the highest quality materials and compliant with security standards.

Ethics and Tradition

JuiceIndia was founded by a curious entrepreneur who passed on his passion, discipline, and commitment to manufacturing high-quality products to the next generation.

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Complete integrated solutions

For your juicing business, we offer a complete solution. With more than 90% of parts and components developed in-house, we have complete control over production and higher product quality.

Excellent client service

Our highly qualified professionals are committed to customer satisfaction and are there for you every step of the way: to help you obtain spare parts, to offer you live technical support and advice if you have any queries or issues, both during pre-sales and after-sales, to ensure a smooth production process.

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Our Products